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The Members of Angeli Parvi provide a wide range of technical, business, venture capital and management expertise in support of Angeli Parvi. A subset also function as a Board. Few venture firms have the breadth and depth of knowledge and skills on hand, which Angeli Parvi enjoys.


John W Ballard D’55 Tu’56 Th’56

Co-Founder of Angeli Parvi, CEO 2000 to Present

Co-Founder, CEO TCI 1968-1998

Co-Founder, CEO RPSI 1998-2013


Errik Anderson

Co-Founder, COO and President of Compass Therapeutics LLC 


Brent R Bilger D'80, Th'08

VP, Vidder


Monica Martin de Bustamante  D’08, Th’09

Managing Partner, CB Partner


Mike Collins

President of The Green D Fund


Richard W Couch D’64, Th’65

Founder and retired CEO of Hypertherm


Michael DeFelice D’83

Self Employed


Peter Fahey D’68, Th’69,’70

Retired Goldman Sachs Group Partner


Clinton P Harris D’69, Th’70

Retired Founder and Managing Partner

Grove Street Advisors, LLC


William F Holekamp D’70

President, Holekamp Capital


Christopher L Hu  D’69. Th’70

Partner, Blank Rome, LLP


Randall R Lunn D’73, TTh’75

Managing Director, Catalina Ventures


Terrance G McGuire Th ‘82

Co-Founder & Managing General Partner

Polaris Venture Partners


Christopher F McConnell ‘75

President, Adondo Corporation


Charles E Nearburg D’72, Th’73,’74


Nearberg Producing Company


Michael J Ross D ‘71

General Partner, SV Life Sciences


Gordon Russell D’55

Retired Partner Sequoia Capital


Scott Sandell D’86

Managing General Partner, New Enterprises Associates


Edward P Stritter D’68

President, Stritter Consulting



Joseph J Heble

Dean, Thayer School


Tillman Gerngross

Vice Provost for Intellectual Property, Dartmouth College

Professor of Engineering, Thayer School

Founder and CEO of AdiMab

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